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                           * T R I B E *

A demo by Raww Arse
  Presented at Sundown 2008 in Budleigh Salterton.
    Came 2nd in the Oldschool Demo competition.


Concept, code, graphics:                                            icabod
Music:                                                               LaesQ
Photos:                                                   Slengpung,icabod

Tools Used:      SjASMPlus, spin, bas2tap, pngconv, bintap, sed, Photoshop

Photos are of (in no order):           elfh, rc55, icabod, anubis, vavrzon
                                          devistator, gasman, white shadow
                                  parapete, alien, navman, unlock, natrent

        **HUGE** apologies to alien, navman, unlock, and natrent for using
          photos of you and not even providing a greet.  I simply couldn't
                            remember photo sources when writing the names.
                                           For this, I suck and you don't.

    Thanks to Riznix who let me borrow his PC and fantastically over-sized
             monitor at the party-place so that I could complete the demo.

Apologies to anyone we should have greeted and didn't.   Be honest and ask
yourself if you really deserved a greet anyway... come to terms with it...