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  • dataskummatng/._bassmod.dll 4.00K
  • dataskummatng/._dataskummatng.exe 4.00K
  • dataskummatng/._dataskummatng.txt 4.00K
  • dataskummatng/._KNARK.XM 4.00K
  • dataskummatng/._libpng3.dll 4.00K
  • dataskummatng/._loopit.bat 4.00K
  • dataskummatng/._warning.png 4.00K
  • dataskummatng/._zlib1.dll 4.00K
  • dataskummatng/0.png 212.29K
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  • dataskummatng/4.png 122.09K
  • dataskummatng/5.png 320.50K
  • dataskummatng/6.png 397.41K
  • dataskummatng/bassmod.dll 33.50K
  • dataskummatng/dataskummatng.exe 16.00K
  • dataskummatng/dataskummatng.txt 756B
  • dataskummatng/KNARK.XM 14.67K
  • dataskummatng/libpng3.dll 158.00K
  • dataskummatng/loopit.bat 25B
  • dataskummatng/warning.png 3.70K
  • dataskummatng/zlib1.dll 73.50K


Dataskumm - Allmost the Next Generation by Speedfisters art posse
Artsy revival of epic preportions, featuring dutch crayfish party

Lousy code: Dr. Sverker
Earblowing music: Musicman
Concept: Demoman
Graphics: Graphicsman/Stealerman

Dr. Sverker on the keyboard, all done smoking some norweigan meth here at solskogen.
We have been sitting in the forest picking of drunken straggler who wander too close
to us for comfort. Its not easy codeing when musicman fucked up and mixed too much
heroin in my speedball so i passed out and wasnt able to complete all cool mindblowing
effects i was planning for Dataskumm the Next Generation, so this is allmost the next