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  • d3dx9_36.dll 3.56M
  • masagin.exe 330.50K
  • masagin.pak 18.38M
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NVISION 08, Breakpoint and present

a farbrausch/neuro production

an invitation to NVScene:


Hello, this is paniq speaking. We just finished the demo and I am too tired to make up a glorious infofile ;) I hope that you enjoy those two months of work, we certainly had fun making this demo.

Oh yes, and go visit NVScene (or submit something, at least ;)

direction, 2d engine, music, graphics - leonard "paniq" ritter
3d subsystem code - dierk "chaos" ohlerich
additional graphics - kai "cp" poethkow
additional graphics - jan "tournesol" novak
guitar - peter "pittip" wolter
transverse flute - sylvia "faith" klaus