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 an unaccelerated 2D Intro by Monokey 

 We're not a demogroup, and this production
 was thrown together in the last minute
 to try out my new work-in-progress
 game engine 'Mage' and my dynamic
 drawingtool 'Vktg'.

 The demo was coded in microsoft visual
 c++ 6.0 and utilizes the minifmod library
 to play back the music. Also UPX was 
 used to pack the file. (Sorry Farbrausch,
 but Kkrunchy didn't like it!)

 Tip: Supply --win as parameter to run in
 windowed mode!


 Code/Music: fsfreak
 Bitmap graphics: Vicviper
 Font/Logo: Junkboy

 Urls of interest

 check out fMod and miniFmod:

 Check out our games: