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Still-09 >> Ferner

Released at The Ultimate Meeting, December 2007


  cynic  >> code, qa
  pirx   >> code
  mad    >> code
  ronny  >> music
  pixtur >> design

  get more info at


When we decided to visit tum party we also made the decision to release 
something there. So here's our contribution to it. It's more or less some 
kind of party production, most of the stuff you can see was done within the 
last three days. As we're doing some heavy feedback/postrender stuff,  
you will unfortunatly need a really fast gfx card this time. No time for
optimizing the performance issues right now. 

On some gfx cards it seems like there're problems to use linear filtering when
accessing the depth buffer of FBOs. In that case you can try to disable the 
MSLinear option in the startup dialog. This results in worse image quality, 
but at least it looks then more like intended.

In case of problems get a video capture from


- Shader model 3 gfx card with 256mb 
- Latest driver you can get for your gfx card (and hope it works)
- WinXP/Vista

Personal Greetings

cynic >>   acryl, admiral, alien, ava, bodo, captain chaos, chaos, cp, cyclone, 
           dalezy, delirium, digisnap, dipswitch, dreamer, droid, erium, fuzzel, 
           helge, hellfire, iq, matt, melwyn, molle, muhmac, nero, netpoet, 
           noname, pandur, pos, poti, ps, sheijk, sire, styx, titus, visualice, 
           wayfinder, xenon, xxx

pirx >>    calysta, xylobiont, tajo, noncolor, inferno, admiral, alien, dalezy, 
           digisnap, electron, helge, nero, sheijk, sire, wayfinder

mad >>     mad, cynic, pixtur, sire, helge, digisnap, sharon, nero, alien, dalezy, 
           krill, stingray, wayfinder, chaos, ryg, kb, paniq, cp, mad, faith, 
           hunta, eric, slack, shash, petsy, melwyn, dipswitch, pandur, tobi, 
           cyraxx, all

pixtur >>  admiral (waiting for your 4k)
           alien ^ bitfellas (the world needs more discussions on site design :) )
           bass cadet (still working on the concept, sorry)
           bonzaj (really waiting for your final demo)
	   dalezy (final, anyone?)
           digisnap (ahh, 64kb...)
	   dq (looking forward to the schiss moll final)
           gargaj (longing for a 64kb tune by you)
           helge (hmmm... Canada!)
           hunta, eric ^ Braincontrol (the world needs more 64kbs!)
	   iq (at bp we should continue our discussion about intro tools)
	   Katrin (the deadline close, there wasn´t time for skype)
           krill (cu at rosi's)the real thing)
 , fiver2, ryg, gizmo, chaos, kb (where can I buy tickets to Elitehaus?)
           muhmac (looking forward to get drunk at tum (after the deadline))
           niko & nicolai (arg... open-gl...)
           ramses (now I got my macbook for the shader stuff)
           shakul (really looking forward to show you Tooll)
           sire (more music, please)
	   tobi ("I am drunk, but I still am a coder..." hahaha!)
           titus & bodo (cu you at bp)
	   wayfinder (waiting for monenTUM)