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unreleased at satellitelan'06
released to support great words at simulaatio'07
this nation is horrible
i have no interest whatsoever in political reform or any kind of reform
nothing will be solved by reforming or changing anything
we are no longer in such an optimistic state
we must abandon this detestable nation
this nation must be destroyed
i do not have a single constructive proposal
the only thing we must do now is scrap and scrap
annihilate everything that exists
i despise each and every one of you
the people who have supported this worthless nation this system is you
to be precise
the majority of the people who are watching this are my sworn enemies
i am calling among the minority among you people
to the people of the minority
we must unite and rise up immediately
the people of the majority fo what they want to us
but now finally a world where we the minority will not be easily oppressed is being constructed
the people of the minority
if you think you can change something by voting you are completely wrong
an election is simply a festival for the majority
there is nothing as idiotic as an election to us minority people
if you choose by majority vote of course the majority wins
you probably wonder why i am in the election then
because that story will be long
please look at my posters on the political bulletins
there are two types of posters be sure to read both
i can no longer tolerate the oppression of this nation's minority
to the people of the minority
there is no way we can persuade the majority
the people of the majority will not under any circumstances listen to our voices
a fucked up nation like this where the majority rules
has no other option but to be destroyed
no matter how much reform is done there is no hope
every single one of the political reforms being proposed presently
are all reforms for the majority of the people
we the minority
obviously will not support or anticipate the results for any of these reforms
we the minority no longer ask anything from such a nation
we the minority only have option left
to obliterate this nation
to be completely honest
the only path we have is to overthrow the government
i speak to the people of the minority
let us use my broadcast as an opportunity
to further our ferocious terrifying plans of overthrowing the government
there is information on how to contact me on the posters
i do not care if you contact me before or after the elections
please give me a phone call
of course i do not care if you are underage and do not yet have voting rights
or if you live outside the city of tokyo
elections never had anything to do with us minority
i have one thing to state just in case
if i get elected
the will be terrified
i myself will be terrified
give toyama koichi one spiteful malicious vote
give toyama koichi one desperate vote
if not then dont go vote
nothing will be changed through elections anyways