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by Disyi Arts

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Mutiny is a pirate themed action game set in a Mediterranean 
environment featuring coral reefs and lagoons.

Two players independently each control a pirate ship.  
They must work cooperatively to complete challenges and progress 
through the game.  The game is divided into several stages after 
each a mini boss must be defeated and a reward is obtained.  
This reward aide's in the completion of the next level.  
After all mini bosses are defeated the players face-off against the 
final boss.  

System Requirements:
CPU:		Intel P4 3Ghz
Video:	NVidia GeForce FX 5700
Resolution:	Minimum: 800 x 600
		Maximum: 1280 x 1024
Sound Card:	DirectX 9.0c Compatible
Input:	Xbox360 Controller for Microsoft Windows

Xbox360 Controller for Microsoft Windows
[Left Trigger]			= Accelerate
[Left Analog Stick-Left]	= Turn Left
[Left Analog Stick-Right]	= Turn Right
[X]				= Shoot Left Side Cannons
[B]				= Shoot Right Side Cannons
[A]				= Shoot Frontal Special Weapon
[Y]				= Boost

Unzip the executable and run Mutiny.exe to play.

The Disyi Arts Mutiny Team:
Project Manager		David de Villiers
Design Lead		Hayden Keys
Art Lead		Michael McDonald
Technical Director	Sam Nelson
Artist			Simon Parry