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UberGames Presents Air Hockey X-treme


Air Hockey X-treme is a simple computer rendition of one of the all time
favourite arcade games, air hockey.


System/Hardware Requirements

-Windows XP Operating System
-64MB OpenGL Enabled Video Card
-2 Computer Mice


Installation Instructions

Making sure the 'assets' folder accompanies the EXE, extract the two to anywhere
you want.



Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows	Navigate Menus
Enter				Activate Menu Selection
Escape				Pause Game, Previous Menu

F12				Toggle Debug Mode
F11				Render Normals
F9				Render Wireframe


Production Info:

Language: C++
Models: 3D Studio Max, Milkshape 3D
Textures: Adobe Photoshop CS



Timothy "TiM" Oliver
Coding, Modeling, Texturing

Helen & Ron Oliver
Logic and Concepting

Aidan Makepeace
Additional Testing


Contact Details:
E-mail: delta224 AT gmail DOT com
MSN: timothyOliver AT bigpond DOT com
ICQ: 24965853


I accept no responsibility for any errors encountered whilst running this program

This engine uses the MD3 technology developed by id Software for Quake III