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Here it is, the long awaited and much hyped Alice Copper.
The reason it took so long is that the party version doesnt work on a
real amiga, but only on UAE. It was also painfully slow.

Stingray/Scarab came to the rescue with some fixes to make it work on the
real deal and a faster c2p than the one I was using. This was a one day fix.
Then his Amiga broke down and we had to wait until the new one was in
house and set up before release. After this there were only a BP08 demo and
a few schnitzels to separate the intro from the public.

Arriving at KG, only the soundtrack and the multisampled copperbars (yes they
are antialiased (new world record) ) were made. Remembering that Bonkers told
me about how to do a voxel ball through a dense haze of alcohol at BP07, I
implemented this effect through another dense cloud of alcohol accompagnied
by soothing background gabber music. It is buggy and it is kind of hard to
make out exactly what it wants to do, but cool enough :)

Then lots of flashing was added so that the multisampled copperbars effect
disappeared completely (it was a pile of dung anyway).

Stingray would as usual like to emphasize that he hates all these new designer
whores of the scene :)

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