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Still-10 >> Malewitsch

Released at BCN 111 party, October 2007


  cynic >> code
  pirx  >> code
  dalezy >> music
  pixtur >> design

  v2 by kb of farbrausch
  kkrunchy by ryg of farbrausch

  get more info at


After we already missed our deadlines for Evoke and Function, we finally made it at bcn. 
Originally Malewitsch was meant as a small test for our new production pipeline "Tooll", 
but as the development of Tooll took longer, the concept evolved and became much more 
complex. It somehow follows productions like "Chimera" and "828" in that we combine
ambient music with non beat editing. Doing an ambient soundtrack for a 64k however 
is not quiet easy. We feel that Dalezy did an excellent job using kb's v2.

We encountered some minor problems on some testing systems, but were not able to reproduce 
them on our development machines. For that reason we might release a final version. Some day. 

If you encounter any problems, get a video from


Malewitsch requires a pc with some main memory (>= 768 mb) and win xp (no clue about vista)
                    a shader model 2 capable gfx card with at least 128 mb mem
                    a quite actual gfx card driver as opengl 2.0 is used

Personal Greetings

cynic >>   acryl, admiral, alien, ava, bodo, captain chaos, cyclone, delirium, 
           digisnap, dipswitch, dreamer, droid, fuzzel, helge, hellfire, mad, 
           matt, melwyn, molle, muhmac, nero, netpoet, noname, pos, poti, ps, 
           sheijk, sire, titus, visualice, wayfinder, xxx

pirx >>    calysta, noncolor, xylobiont, admiral, digisnap, electron

pixtur >>  admiral (waiting for your 4k)
           alien ^ bitfellas (the world needs more discussions on site design :) )
           bass cadet (still working on the concept, sorry)
           bonzaj (really waiting for your final demo)
           digisnap (ahh, 64kb...)
           gargaj (longing for a 64kb tune by you)
           helge (hmmm... Australia!)
           hunta, eric ^ Braincontrol (the world needs more 64kbs!)
           krill (cu at rosi's)
           mad (commodore aint the real thing)
 , fiver2, ryg, gizmo, chaos, kb (longing for my next Hamburg trip)
           muhmac (looking forward to get drunk at tum)
           niko & nicolai (hopefully see you for cebit)
           ramses (one day I  will accidently drop my notebook to get a macBookPro)
           rp (now I am really fixed on doing Ferner)
           shakul (really looking forward to show you Tooll)
           sharon (sorry about the site design)
           sire (more music, please)
           stingray (cu at Tum)
           styx (see you at breakpoint)
           tim ^ bitfilmfestival
           titus & bodo (cu you at bpm)
           visualice (thanks for 828. Would love to ask you some questions)
           xxx (more bear, please)