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              _._________ .______    .________  .______/\_
               |    ____/_|  ___/____|  _____/__|   ___  /_
               |   __    /|  \      /_   ___   /_    _    /
               |   \   .:\|   \__  .:/   \_   .:/    |  .:\
               |____\     \_________/__________/_____|_____\


                another kinderintro by rgba []

              presented at BCN Party 2007 []

 .warning :: freak words.

   i have being toying with fractals even before i made my first demoscener
   prod, which not surprisingly was a  64 kb intro called  "fractal chaos".
   as you probably know, dear fractal freak, there is nothing special about
   rendering 3d julia sets for quadratic polynmials, and so the internet is
   crowded with such images (quaternionic mostly), mines included


   but doing it on real time is another story. but only until you understand
   what the Hubbard-Douady potential is and the doors of the famous distance
   estimator formula open [hello UltraFractal users]. that tool in hand, one
   can speed up the rendering [raymarching] up to 8 fps by using sse, in one
   core cpu. since gpus are powerfull parallel machines, trying it there was
   the obvious step.  so obvious that actually  Keenan Crane  tryed it three
   months before me :(

   both implementations are similar of course.  mine is slightly faster  and
   features analytic normals based on the gradient of the H-D potential, but
   it's a bit less accurate for high iteration counts.

 .shading :: ssao.

   the intro also features some kind of realtime ambient occlusion, based on
   ideas published by crytek that works quite fast actually  [the bottleneck
   is the raymarching].

 .hd :: requirements.

   you need a pretty powerful gfx card for this one,  it's all about shading
   and bandwidth.  so you better try on an ati 2900 or nvidia 8800... i suck
   and i don't care. it is also watchable on x1950 cards at 640x480.  forget 
   about nv7800 and lower spec machines.  on non ps3.0 gfx cards, it goes to 
   software rendering  [that's how i programmed it!]. this intro is meant to 
   be watched in two years.  i wasted half kilobytes on a dialog [instead of
   the music],  so all fractal freaks can watch the thing  at good framerate 
   both today and tomorrow.

 .greetings :: to our friends and/or heros.

   asd    bixo   calodox    collapse    conspiracy    farbrausch    fairlight
   fuzzion   kakiarts   loonies   necrostudios    nocturns   plastic   rebels
   skim     software failure     speckdrumm     spontz    stravaganza     tbc
   timescratchers    traction     xplsv     zona neutra

   and also to some individuals

   auld, gina, simon

 .credits :: as usual.

   coding, putting floors, drilling, milkynoising :: iq:: []
   crinklering :: mentor+blueberry :: []