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Screenshot (by pouë





	maxon 			(gfx, design, planning)
	D Fast 			(Soundtrack)
	en5ca 			(Bass)
	Jordy Timmermans 	(Vocals)
	xcx			(ScaleMan-script)
	Tom Hudson		(Greeble-script)

        Finally an entry I'm totally comfortable submitting
	to a large demoparty like Assembly. The other two 
	shorts I've made were not entirely suited for the 
	feeling of a true party. However, it still is not 
	really what I wanted - because of the time limits.

	I consider this clip as a homage to everything the 
	entire demoscene is all about in my mind. Without 
	the realtime part, of course.

	The music for this video is made by 'D Fast' or 
	'Harry Damn' or Harri Dammert. In my mind the music 
	is exactly 50% of the feeling this piece is capable 
	producing. Visuals may have taken more work, but 
	they'd be NOTHING without this guys simply awesome 
	track. Check his production at

	And even though I've listened the piece surely about 
	856 times along the production, I still enjoy it 
	more every time :D

	My last year entry's .diz said that this would be 
	named "Pimp Your pussywagon", but yeah, it's not. I'm 
	still planning on making a car-related short film 
	though, but I just have no idea when I'm going to 
	start the production. Maybe as my school's thesis 
	perhaps? Or maybe I can persuade my future employers 
	to let me start making it as my job... never know. 
	But it will be done someday. And it's gonna BE HUGE!
	Hey, go check out the Echoes game if you haven't. One 
	hell of a kicker to get you going:

	Sorry about the sync-problems in the film in some 
	sequences. I just had to hurry the whole thing together, 
	so bear with it.

        Take care Y'all, and don't get discouraged!

        Manu Jarvinen


	Fonts used: 		Mouthful of beer
				ITC Century Std
				Accidental Presidency

	Sound samples used:

	Software used (gfx):	Autodesk 3ds Max 9
				Adobe Photoshop CS3
				Adobe After Effects 7.0