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  • d3dx9_33.dll 3.33M
  • rgba_stiletto.exe 3.99K
  • rgba_stiletto.txt 1.62K
  • rgba_stiletto_160_90_8.png 4.23K
  • rgba_stiletto_400_300_32.png 40.96K



                      a 4k intro by rgba (

                         presented at Assembly 2007

 .random stuff.

  . hopefully this will partially cover point number 18 in "auld's ridiculous
 challenges" for 4k intros:  "write a demo that gets the audience horny".  at 
 least we tried.

  . cosinus is your friend. believe me. 

  . this is my first directx application ever.  and now that i see the api, i 
 can not but wonder why should i stay in opengl anymore. i hope ogl 3.0 gives 
 me good reasons for it. 

  . first i made this intro in opengl but it was over 4k5 so  i was forced to 
 go for the radical option of  trying directx instead.  the negative point is
 that you need d3dx9_33.dll

  . features: a 3d mesh in 728 bytes (d'oh!),  a skeleton in 34 bytes (good),
 automatic vertex weight in 183 bytes (hm...), formula based animation in 130 
 bytes (hm...),  mesh decoding  in 180  bytes (d'oh!!!)  and mesh  subdivison 
 tricked into 125 bytes. cameras, rendering, muzik, text, synch and glue code 
 makes the thing grow to 4k very quickly.

  . especial thanks to Navis,  who kindly accepted to  bring the intro to the
 Assembly 2007 for me. 


 to all 4k intro hackers,  96 kb game builders, demo coders and very especial
 ones to 64k intro makers.


  . marius           :: original mesh modeling
  . iq               :: remodeling, coding, "formulanimating", milkytracking
                        (ehem), and still hammering and drilling
  . mentor+blueberry :: compressing (