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Screenshot (by pouë



One hour before deadline and we are trying to build the "first" final party version of the demo. As always everything was half done when we came to Finland and it has been some quite productive hours up to the deadline. If we could only have a month or two more though ...

We know that the demo contains influences from Farbrauch's Popular Demo. This was not the intention from the start, it just happened. Well, Popular is a great demo, so why not be influenced by the best? We also have a part with traces back to Triton's Crystal Dream II, the chess scene. The sharp-eyed viewer will also be able to see that the film rolls contain screen shots from classical Atari, Amiga, and PC demos.

This demo is purely written in C#/.NET, i.e. Managed DirectX (probably fuel for flames at pouet ;)).

Full Credits for the Demo
Code, design and animation mixing -   Rolemaster
Music                             -   Scanner & Aav
TiVi modelling                    -   Pzychaoz
TiVi concept art                  -   Leion
Additional code                   -   Poseidon & Boni
Additional textures and design    -   ManJIT

Prerequisites for the Demo
Shader model 2
Fairly fast graphics card
Not too crappy processor
.NET 2.0 runtimes
DX 9.0c runtimes

As you can see, we are still a bit short on the modelling/graphics side. Rolemaster had to do the skinning and mix the animations himself. Being a novice at 3DS Max, he found it pretty tricky and the result was... okish...

Well, we managed to release something in the end. Let's see if we can get it shown in the compo.

Now it's time for a cigar at Boozembly.


Signing out