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  • chasm.exe 12.69M
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  • chasm.txt 884B
  • d3dx9_34.dll 3.34M
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The Chasm by Division

Released at Assembly 2007

- Select the aspect ratio that your machine will use with selected resolution.
- Loads a bit long. Have a patience.
- Some of the scenes are fillrate and/or shader heavy, but should work
  smoothly with current hardware. My old xp2500+ & 6600gt runs demo with
  almost reasonable fps.
- Some of the scene changes causes slowdowns. Data should probably be
  somehow precached to avoid updating huge amount of data during a single
  frame in demo loop.

- Ati cards seems to have a problem with floating point render targets.
  Check the special option from setup dialog to disable them.
- My machine seems to disable Z-buffer if anti-aliasing is turned on... :)

  Code by bytelahna
  Graphics by codsarmo
  Music by aikapallo


- b signs off...