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Screenshot (by Demozoo)




                    --= L i f e F o r c e  =--
                        a n d r o m e d a
                         s o f t w a r e
                      d e v e l o p m e n t

                   Presented at Assembly 2007


                        Code  :   Navis

                       Music  :   aMUSiC

                 2D Graphics  :   Archmage / Andromeda

                3D Modelling  :   Ch3

             Vector Graphics  :   Stathis 'iM' Sideris

                 3D Scanning  :   Eykona Technologies


           Runs  on  machines  with fast CPU and GPUs  
            with  ps2.0 shaders (Geforce FX and 6+ 
             series,  ATI Radeon 95++, X series).


           For the production of Lifeforce the following
           software and hardware was used: 
           For code:  Microsoft  Visual Studio .NET 2003
           For music:  Reason 3 ,  Cool  Edit  Pro  2000 
           Ibanez K7  electric guitar, Boss GT-6 Effects 
           Processor, Marshall Valvestate  65W amplifier  
           For modeling:  Autodesk Maya 6, Wings 3D 0.96
           Discreet 3D Studio Max 4,Jasc PaintShop Pro 8 
           Adobe Photoshop CS, Wacom 2, A6 and Intous A5   


           Sound   Playback  by  FMOD.   Copyright  (C) 
           2001-2004   FireLight Technologies Pty, Ltd. 
           Image processing  library by OpenCV ver 0.97 
           Copyright (C) Intel Corp. 
           GPU    shader   programming  tools  by   Cg. 
           Copyright  (C)  NVidia Corp.
           Surface  scanning  and   imaging  by  Eykona 
           technologies - please visit:

           Surface scanning of Sir William Jones statue
           at 1 mm^2  resolution  was permitted  by the 
           University College, Oxford.
           Heart model reconstructed from  original MRI 
           data. ASD was granted  permission  to use it 
           from the  authors:  Y. Zhang, C.  Bajaj,  of 
           the University of Texas at Austin.
           Clock facade, fish  and  bicycle images from 
           " Scan this book " copyright - free  objects 
           library, compiled by John Mendenhall.


         We send  our  greetings  to our  fellow  groups:
         stravaganza, orion,  conspiracy, threestate, inf
         madwizards,  the black lotus, farbrausch, exceed
         moppi productions,  kewlers,  mfx, nah-kolor,odd
         marshals, cocoon,three pixels, fairlight,dope pc
         numedia cyclops,  melon design,  rgba,  outracks
         xplsv,  andromeda,  plastic,  brainstorm,  still
         portal process,alien prophets, TaaT, satori,deus
         traction, vall@day,  reversed engineers, the lab
         pneuma,psyxes, nasty bugs, residents,sense amok, 
         mindlapse,  synesthetics , equinox  and all  our 
         friends in Greece,  Norway, Finland, Turkey, UK, 
         Spain, Switzerland and Germany. 


                        +  LifeForce  +
                   + January - August 2007 +