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  • wamma-helium copper/ dir
  • wamma-helium copper/d3dx9_31.dll 2.30M
  • wamma-helium copper/data/ dir
  • wamma-helium copper/data/alareuna.png 13.62K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/atomipommi.png 46.87K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/blob.DBO 83.58K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/blob_01.png 444.94K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/bomb.DBO 18.05K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/bomb_01.png 111.56K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/crate.DBO 2.26K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/crate_01.png 195.50K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/cred_01.png 406.05K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/derrick.png 51.76K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/Fur1.tga 1.00M
  • wamma-helium copper/data/gauge_01.png 297.96K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_accession.png 10.59K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_adapt.png 10.25K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_bandwagon.png 10.58K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_biomassa.png 10.48K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_byterapers.png 10.61K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_crest.png 10.28K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_dekadence.png 10.84K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_fairlight.png 10.67K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_fit.png 10.21K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_hedelmae.png 10.42K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_iso.png 10.26K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_madwizards.png 10.65K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_noname.png 10.15K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_pwp.png 10.28K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_rno.png 10.16K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_shitfacedclowns.png 11.26K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_taat.png 10.35K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_theblacklotus.png 11.31K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_traction.png 10.57K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/greet_woorlic.png 10.28K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/heart.DBO 53.54K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/heart.png 10.32K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/heart_01.png 52.16K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/heartbum.png 56.43K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/leftbar_dragon.png 302.46K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/lovescene.png 306.83K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/lovescene_frenchlove.png 53.86K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/matula.png 64.82K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/noi1.png 47.20K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/noi2.png 170.51K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/noi3.png 170.50K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/oksu.png 147.98K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/pannuhuone.DBO 164.86K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/ph2.mp3 3.56M
  • wamma-helium copper/data/piippu.DBO 120.08K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/pipe_01.png 146.53K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/pommi.png 635.27K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/putkihuone.DBO 364.11K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/putkisto.DBO 181.56K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/putoo.png 39.48K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/rypalepommi.png 51.18K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/skyish.png 75.88K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/steel_01.png 124.43K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/Thumbs.db 14.00K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/title_heliumcopper.png 539.37K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/title_theend.png 287.27K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/title_wamma.png 142.27K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/torsu.DBO 32.52K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/wall_01.png 187.77K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/whyte.png 12.08K
  • wamma-helium copper/data/ylareuna.png 13.62K
  • wamma-helium copper/FX/ dir
  • wamma-helium copper/FX/HDR.fx 5.10K
  • wamma-helium copper/FX/VertexFur.fx 3.83K
  • wamma-helium copper/readme.txt 792B
  • wamma-helium copper/wamma-heliumcopper.exe 4.85M


Helium Copper by wAMMA

code,music,2d,3d ......	Roz
3d, 2d ................	Zeroic

This is demonstration was released @ Asm'07

Sorry organizers but it's in 800x600 resolution.

System requirements:

Windows XP
DirectX 9.0c
~2 ghz processor
~512 Mb RAM
~Geforce 6600 / 128 Mb RAM / or something else that supports pixel shaders

Haven't had much time to test this crappy little demo, but I hope it 
works on your computer too. There have been few error reports concerning 
Direct 9.0c, but I just don't know what is the problem :( 
There's a dll included that should repair at least some troubles. 
Try installing the latest DirectX-version, that should help.

Oh yes, the speech samples are from

Yours sincerely,
Roz / wAMMA

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