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Screenshot (by pouë




This is the very first ever production by reuna.
Released in Alternative Party 2007. This is something we should
have done in 1993 or atleast in 1998. But we just thought that it's
never too late to start all over again.

code \ kaarna
gfx \ kaarna & tiira
music \ siiliorava

We'd like to greet the following:
kosmoplovci, mfx, aardbei, exceed, kolor, 3state, tbl, damage

A review of Frequency/Bush:
This extremely political piece concentrates on the anxiety of
being a watermonkey in this abstract world of war, oil, bush, money,
weapons of mass destruction, consumerism, gravity and the various
frequencies that we spend each day of our lives. We like to buy our
happiness and we like to praise uniformity. Let's not forget to get
Omaisuus on varkautta.

This is a release that will propably only work on my computer
but if you're curious I've included the source code. It's licenced
under Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike something,
so you can alter it, release it, and do whatever spinoffs, but
you must mention the original author. But, if you really do use the
code, make sure that you make something original, change everything
and then you don't have to mention anything...
We totally suck
in thinking about timing code that would work on different computers
so it propably won't look the same on any other computer than mine.
You'll still need some extra effort as there's some dependencies for
you to fill.
Platform: OpenGL, SDL, GStreamer on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn.
D dependencies: dmd-1.020, tango, dsss, derelict,
and (gtkD/)gstreamerD -> go get the version from
And a file called pihlaja_src_003_alpha.tar.bz2.
That's not the latest version, so you need to remove some stuff from
this main.d file, but otherwise it should be ok! Other D stuff is
easiest installed via dsss. Get it from
Here's some quick help from the top of my head:
dsss net install dmd
dsss net install tango
dsss net install derelictsdl
dsss net install derelictgl
dsss net install derelictglu
Then use
dsss build
sudo dsss install
to install gtkD/gstreamerD.
You'll need the modplug plugin installed.
And then finally use: "dsss build" to build Frequency/Bush!