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  • fmod.dll 159.00K
  • go.xml 5.53K
  • Media/bdse1.PNG 279B
  • Media/bdse2.PNG 252B
  • Media/bdse3.PNG 308B
  • Media/bdse4.PNG 231B
  • Media/croc1.PNG 315B
  • Media/croc2.PNG 358B
  • Media/maps/ dir
  • Media/maps/pmetal.png 336.44K
  • Media/maps/scumyell.png 1.41M
  • Media/maps/Thumbs.db 44.00K
  • Media/octo1.PNG 331B
  • Media/octo2.PNG 334B
  • Media/Phong.fx 10.16K
  • Media/pig1.PNG 359B
  • Media/pig2.PNG 345B
  • Media/scene1texkey.3DS 57.87K
  • Media/snake1.PNG 322B
  • Media/snake2.PNG 328B
  • Media/sphere6divs.x 704.43K
  • Media/spheredistort.fx 1.97K
  • Media/Texture.fx 638B
  • Media/Thumbs.db 24.50K
  • pressurecooker.exe 192.00K
  • prozium_party3.mp3 2.66M
  • readme.txt 771B


Pressure Cooker by The Bobby Davro Snooker Experience

Code and stuff by parapete
Music by syphus

I made syphus butcher this track because I didn't have enough
content to fill it out in its original length. Sorry syphus.
We finished this about 5 minutes before the compo so expect bugs.

- Pete

Dear pete,
       It's all good. I like the snake.


Love Syphus


We're at Sundown '06 in Budleigh Somewhere and it's all cool and stuff.
Good times. Give us some piggies!

Greetz to: allsceners++, #ukscene, God, Morris Day and The Time.

Syphus says: Oh - this is the worst mixed track you've ever heard; I
guarantee it. Ah well. Set ears to clipping!!!!!!11