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= Krool Joolz =

An entry for the Nullarbor 2006 game programming competition.
It was developed from 13th to the 19th of Feburary, 2006.

== System Requirements ==
Minimum System Requirements are not know, however, the below requirements 
should be suitable.
* 15MB Hard Disk Space
* OpenGL Accelerated 3D Video Card (64MB RAM)
* Windows XP
* 256 MB RAM
* 1.5 GHZ CPU or equivalent

== Command Line Options ==
fullscreen    : run game in fullscreen
--res 800,600 : run game in 800x600 mode. Replace 800,600 with any desired 

== Description ==
Krool Joolz is a color matching game, in a 3D space. Click the joolz which 
are touching at least two other joolz of the same color.

== Controls ==
Keyboard Controls:
 W     : Zoom In
 S     : Zoom Out
 A     : Rotate 60 degrees counter clockwise
 D     : Rotate 60 degrees clockwise
 Space : Rotate 180 degrees
 Enter : Reset view (if you get lost in space)
Mouse Controls:
 Left mouse button : Select a Jool.
 Right mouse button: Hold the mouse button down, then drag left, right, up
 or down, then release the mouse button. This will rotate the view, and zoom
 in and out.
 Scroll wheel      : Zoom in and out.
== Game Modes ==
 Therapy      : This mode runs forever, and is suitable for putting one's 
 self to sleep.
 Arcade       : Race agains the clock, collecting as many joolz as you can. 
 Powerups extend the clock.
 Consternation: Attempt to lock the jool grid, so that no more moves can be
 made. The less joolz you click, the higher your score.

== The Team ==
Simon Wittber        : Concept, Programming, Audio, Modeling
Christel-lee Wittber : Quality Assurance, Modeling
Steven Donald        : Illustration, Art Direction
Trevor Kenney        : Gameplay Testing

== Contact Details ==
Simon Wittber 
Email :