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farbrausch presents fr-54: polar

..featuring fashionbabe-josie :)

code by dierk.chaos.ohlerich
graphics by christoph.giZMo.muetze
music remixed by tammo.kb.hinrichs
original music by DJ Hell
additional direction by thomas.fiver2.mahlke

there are two unusual things about this demo: first, it is just
32 seconds  long, which  was a  condition of  the intel trailer 
competition where  this demo  participated in. a longer remixed
version  of  "polar"  is very likely  to appear somewhen in the

second: there is an interactive mode at  the end  of this demo. 
this became quite unusual nowadays  despite its  tradition from 
the  early  years  of  the  scene.  we   figured  out   that  a 
considerably great  amount of fun in  making demos  is  playing  
around    with  your creation, so  why should  we  deprive  our 
audience of this fun?

oh!... of  course  all  graphics were  done in  xsi,  no  poser 
stuff from farbrausch! and by the way, when the next  big first 
person  shooter  features a  revolutionary 360°  field of view,  
remember who invented it... ;)