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A surprising intro for Function 2006 Hungary!

Final version, AVI, 3gp, will be at:

System requirements:
 - Fast videocard with 128MB, at least 6600Gt or X700
 - `bout 2800+ AMD or 2.8Ghz P4
 - DirectX 9.0
 - 800x600  (turn the monitor upside up)
 - Audio

Thanks to:
        Nagz for providing tune
        Aarbei Textuur Gevaarte: Bedankt he! It saved me some time.
	kkrunchy:  amazing binary compressor.
	MS Visual Studio 7:  Best Devenv.
        MiniFMOD:  audio
        Gem: helped at party coding

(Physics, strange rendering and scenes are own)

Archee (peterdutch at