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                  ....    ...   ...  ....   .....
                  . ...  . ...  ...  . ...   ...
                  ....   . ...  ...  . ...   ...
                  ...    . ...  ...  . ...   ...
                  ...     ...   ...  . ...   ...

This is the 1k Intro by icabod of RA, titled "point".
Presented in the 1k Intro Competition @ Forever7 in Trencin, Slovakia.
                  Released sometime on the weekend of March 18th 2006.

This Intro was made to the tune of:                     Porcupine Tree
                                                 Explosions In The Sky
                                                             Sigur Ros

I apologise now for the annoying repetitive music.
    It's not my strong point (ask anyone who's seen my cd collection).

Sadly I ran out of space so couldn't fit all I wanted
                               but I hope you like what I did achieve.

For some fun hack into the program when the text appears and
                                     POKE $8259,$40 and POKE $825A,$00

Here's some technical info:
                      No ROM routines are used (tho' the ROM font is).
      Plot routine takes 86t per pixel (not counting slow ram access).
                               Plot clear routine takes 17t per pixel.
          Calculation of pixel positions takes... considerably longer.
                        Intro lasts about 1:15 mins before it repeats.
        Uncompressed code is 566b - rest of space is filled with data.
         MegaLZ is used to squeeze the 1776b code+tables down to 905b.
                      Rest of space is the decompressor and text "ZX".
                                              I don't think it'll win.

Greetz go to the usual suspects.
                                  zx demoscene news :