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                 farbrausch at breakpoint 2006
                    fr-051: brotkaestchen

1. introduction

  'brotkaestchen' is an near complete c64 emulator in less than
64 kilobytes.

2. minimum specs

  - fast cpu (p3 1.0 ghz or faster)
  - 128 megabytes of ram
  - a NT-based operating system (NT,2k,2k3,XP,etc.)

3. credits

  c64 emulator code by bero
  example c64 demo code for this emu by bitbreaker/metalvotze
  example c64 demo sid tune from fanta
  heavily beta testing by freqvibez^offence!^0ok (also known as d‚j…lex)

4. start parameters

 +pal                 = activate tv pal emulation 
 +pal=x               = activate tv pal emulation with factor x
 +colorphase=x        = shift the phases of colors by factor x
 +hardsid             = activate hardsid (default: autodetect)
 +hardsid=x           = activate hardsid with device number x
 -hardsid             = force deactivate hardsid

5. keys

f9               = load disk/image/psid/etc.
shift+f9         = load sequence text auto typing
f10              = exit
f11              = sid register dumping (psid player mode)
shift+f11        = sid register dumping (global)
f12              = hard reset
shift+f12        = soft reset
alt+enter        = fullscreen on/off
num lock         = switch between joy1 and joy2
numpad           = joystick control
alt+enter        = fullscreen on/off

if in psid player mode:

numpad /         = previous sub track
numpad *         = next sub track 

otherwise try for yourself

6. bugs+hints

  sorry for some bugs in the VIC II emulation, and for the yet incomplete
1541 emulation.

  borland delphi 5 was used to code fr-051 'brotkaestchen'

  bero/farbrausch, april 2006.
  over and out.