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Flatpack by Bobby Davro Snooker Experience

Code & design : parapete
Music : syphus

DirectX 9c
Shader model 2

It's Sunday morning and I'm extremely tired, hungover and ANGRY!
I (parapete) spent most of Saturday trying to fix bugs in this
intro that only became apparent on the compo machine, which
has an ATI card. Being that I don't have a computer with an ATI
card to dev on I've pretty much failed, so this is version is 
very buggy. I will endeavour to make a final that works properly
on ATI and has lower requirements (maybe)...

Thanks to smash and statix for helping me out at the partyplace,
to stingray and kalms for help getting the camera splines to
look nice, and to rc55 for lending me headphones at the party.
Greetings to everyone I know on the scene, and to everyone I don't!