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                 Requiem by The Black Lotus

		hardcore party release!

	.... to be shown at Breakpoint 2006, on 2006-04-16

Hi all, this is Kalms typing. Release Candidate 1 of the demo has passed QA without any hitches,
and We're on the bus which will take us to the partyplace. The competition is in roughyl two hours.
Partycoding does not rule, though it seems to be a necessary evil to us.
The bus driver drives like a flipping lunatic, by the way.

Louie the sneaky bastard was all busy doing graphics for kour PS2 demo, so we had to make do without him.
Graphicians are ovewrrated anyway. ;)


	code - Kalms, ReJ/neSNAUSK!  (try pronouncing THAT, punk)
	graphics - Rubberduck

	music - Blaizer/TSL          (done in 4 days - thanks, man!)

Target machine:

	Amiga 1200 with 68060 acc, 32MB fastmem, AGA graphics. Gfxcards are not supported (sorry Spot).

now we just need to submit this baby to the whims of ol' Chaos and the rest of BP organizing, and then
we'll finally be able to participate in the REAL party. Bottoms up!

- kalms, over and out

Ps. any typos are due to the bus shaking a lot while driving aloung the little roads in Bingen. DS.