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  • cg.dll 920.00K
  • cgGL.dll 172.00K
  • data.ppd 16.06M
  • fmod.dll 157.50K
  • PortalLauncher.exe 1.08M
  • readme.txt 2.38K
  • soundtrack.ogg 2.56M


win32 demo
portal process
assembly 2006
(party version)


svok: code
sam: code
snarling: 3d, graphics, design
gloom: music, graphics, design
flipside: music
loaderror: design
d'arcy: graphics

__some short technical comments:

this demo requires at least geforce5 level hardware (with some
decent pixel-shader powah!), but if you want to have a _nice_
demo-experience, please use a geforce6 or 7 level graphics-card.

also, having a fast cpu and loads of ram helps things along nicely.

please note that this party-version is considered to be unfinished,
so you should expect a final version some time after assembly.


portalp at gmail dot com

__know your history:

this demo was started a bit before assembly (wow!) but then real
life took over once again so things slowed to a halt (boo!).
a few weeks before the party, we picked it up again (wee!) and
most of the work was finished during the party.

partycoding rules, eh? yet again we missed most of the boozembly-
action, though seeing the area nice and flat and without trees
was a bit of a surprise.

__this demo uses stuff from:

Ogg Vorbis (
GLee by Ben Woodhouse (
UniquE RAR File Library (


we would like to say hiya to a bunch of people, and since we are
dead tired (the update-deadline is 39 minutes from now and the
demo is still not finished) we will most likely forget some of them,
so sorry in advance. :)

aardbei, ananasmurska, acme, array, asd, boozing kupoz, bypass,
coma, conspirazy, contraz, crusaders, darkzone, ephidrena, excess,
fairlight, gollum, granma, haujobb, hullkortmasters, ifb, inf,
keyboarders, komplex, kvasigen, matt current, nocturnal, purple,
progress,prone, proxima, playpsyco, prefect, pxag, razor 1911,
rebels, shitfaced clowns, sorrox, skulls, spaceballs, tbl, tpb,
tls, tufs, unique, yaphan..

__special thanks:

loaderror of ephidrena - you fuzzy helpful demoscene-bear you!

d'arcy of excess - you sexy pixel-pushing demoscene-woman you!

am of excess - you mad-skilled storyboard-making scener you!

flipside - you crazy talented synth studio-owning musician you!

asm06 compocrew - you friendly party-organizing people you!

__and as always, never forget:

in soviet russia, demo makes YOU!