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    A TBL Amigademo for Assembly 2006

    Party version released on 2006-08-07

NOTICE: The first version that was put onto the Assembly FTP was a placeholder version.
It's easy to recognize - the loading screen has the chocolate bunnies rather than
the proper screen. The placeholder version was compiled almost 24 hours earlier than
the version actually shown at the competition. It might not even work (people say that
it crashes at the spider part).
Keep this version instead. This is what people saw on the bigscreen.

  At Breakpoint '06 you said you wanted graphics. And graphics is what you get!

This is the party version of the demo. The latter half of the demo has only been tested
on WinUAE, not on a real 060, because my 1260 card broke during the flight to Helsinki.
We need to care a bit for work now, but in two months we will put out a final version
that is properly tuned for the real 060 hardware.

As usual the demo was looking a bit bleak before the flight, but it came together in the
end. We're quite happy with the way the demo turned out. Hopefully you like it as well!

	coding		Kalms, Rubberduck, eriQue, ReJ
	graphics	Louie500, Tudor, Duffe
	music		Blaizer

Notice that the demo prints two hex values to the Shell during its execution? We don't
know why, but if we remove those two debug printouts the demo crashes hard at the first
3D scene. It might be a compiler bug, it might be something wonky with our code, but in
either case, having a few extra debug printouts is a cheap price to pay to get the demo
running in time for the competition. With a bit of luck we'll find the cause of the
problem when making the final version...

Thanks to all the PC groups who also participated in the competition and attempted to put
up a challenge against us. Better luck next time. ;)

But where were Mawi? And Plastic, who challenged us to make something for Assembly?
We were there; we delivered. Oh well, it's too late for them. Now we return to our
regularly scheduled Amiga-only compos.

Till later,

                                                                   we break shit.
The supplied configuration file created using WinUAE 1.3.1, but may work with other versions of WinUAE as well.
You will need an Amiga ROM and a Workbench installation to get the demo running.

A CPU speed of roughly 1.5GHz is required to get good performance (especially during palette fades).

If possible, watch the demo via TV-out, having set the TV-out to your primary display adapter and running at 50Hz.
When viewing the demo at anything else than 50Hz, some parts (especially the horizontal scroller during the
introduction) will be jerky.