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Final version of Starstruck
Released on 2018-04-11

The original demo was released at Assembly 2006, where it won the PC demo competition (the demo was run in WinUAE).

Some time later MiKRO / Mystic Bytes ported the demo to the Atari Falcon. Thanks, old chap!

We fixed a number of visual glitches and made some overall performance improvements as part of the porting effort. Most of these
changes were brought back to the Amiga codebase as well, but we never released a final version for Amiga.

... that is, until now. Before Revision 2018 people had begun asking what happened to the Amiga version, and 
a jolly Britelite / Dekadence convinced Kalms that it was time to revisit Starstruck. The sourcecode was
lying around in Dropbox. It took a bit of tidying up and taking care of loose ends. Here is the result.

12 years is not exactly quick, but yes, this is the final version. We hope you enjoy it!

Kalms & Emoon / TBL


Hardware requirements:

Chipset: AGA Amiga
CPU: 68060 @ 50MHz or faster
RAM: ~50MB fastram, 2MB chipram
Display: 15kHz PAL monitor