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   _   _   _
__/ \_/ \_/ \___[synchroplastikum]

          Celebrating 20 years of code
                  by Minas of Calodox!

   Requires a better 3D card than mine
       (PS2.0, and faster than a 9600)

 A standard version and a gamma-2 (for
   beamers) version are provided. Uses
  crinkler for compression (it rocks!)

    This final version includes faster
      versions as well. These versions
  produce a nearly-identical result to
the original (a different pixel shader
 is used for the reflections, they are
   therefore not identical to what the
  original showed). Some nVidia tweaks
  are also included, although I cannot
    guarantee that they are of any use 
    since I do not own an nVidia card.
        Hi-res and lo-res versions are