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                    @@@+                         @@@@@@@@
                    -@@@$                           @+@@@
                    @@@  @@@@@@@-++@@$+@$**@$*-+$@@$@@@@
                    *@*                              @@@
                    @@@           PORK:PIE           @@@
                    +@@@                             @@@
                     $@@$$$*$+-@-@-                 +@@@

                           An intro for Sundown 2005

                   Code .............................. xeron
                   Unused code (argh, deadline) .... bonkers
                   Design, Ideas, Support .......... bonkers
                   Really cool motivation .......... bonkers
                   Excellent music .................... esau

                            Requires: 020, fast mem
                            Really needs: 060, pork


Last year, Xeron met bonkers at Breakpoint, and found out that they
lived in the same town. A couple of times aftwards they met to create an
intro. Esau gave us this really cool tune to use. Unfortunately, Bonkers
moved away to oxford, and the intro never really got very far.

Fastforward to Sundown, the first UK demoparty for a long time. Both Bonkers
and Xeron turn up. Originally, Xeron was going to release a chippack for
IRIS here, but unfortunately, it was nowhere near ready enough.

Not wanting the only UK scene event to have zero Amiga releases, Xeron sat
down and started coding. Unfortunately, the A1200 he brought with him didn't
have any of his routines on it, so he started coding from an empty startup-
code. All of the effects in this intro were coded in just over a day at the
party place. The original plan was to include some of Bonkers' routines, but
they were coded with a different startup code, and the deadline was 2 hours
past! We just couldn't get them to work, so in a mad panic the intro was
finished with just the routines Xeron had coded.

Bonkers now works in a monkey factory in outer mongolia.

Xeron was given a life sentance.

Esau started a shop selling speciality meat products.


The lovely people who invented pork pie. Even though neither of us eat them
(Bonkers is vegetarian, and Xeron thinks they're disgusting).

Parapete for releasing his first demo at Sundown, and we have hopes of him
migrating to our cosy corner of the scene. We think he might like pork pies.

Icabod (who probably loves Pork Pie, we don't know. He's asleep right now.
Anyway he's a spectrum scener at Sundown who sat next to us. As we all know,
spectrum sceners love pork pies!)

rc55 for hosting this excellent party with a real scene atmosphere here in
the UK. It really rules. He should get a life times supply of lovely pork

dotwaffle for emitting the most amazing noises while sleeping behind Bonkers.
We still haven't been able to identify what part of his body they are coming
from. We suspect it might be down to all the pork pies he's eaten.

Dr. Doom gets a greet, even though he's not here. CODE A REALLY GOOD DEMO
MOULDY PORK PIES! (we're serious)

Esau! Thanks for the awesome tune. After the intro was shown, the #ukscene
guys were all talking about how great the tune was. It sounded good on the
PA... we owe you a pork pie.

The Archimedes guys. Too bad you didn't release an Archie demo this year...
we REALLY want to see one from you next year. Preferably with some sort of
pie in it.

Final greets go to all Sundown 05 visitors! Don't forget to come to
inerciadem.... errr... I mean Sundown 2006!