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*** Power On Self Test - by VeCTRONiX ( ***

Released at Stream MEGA 2005.

(party version - there may be a final version
 if something needs to be fixed)

* Usage:
- Turn off "vertex shader 1.1" if you happen
  to run it on something without vertex shaders
  (eg. GeForce2 or GeForce4MX).

* Requirements:
- DirectX 9.0c (version from December 2004 or newer)

- GeForce2-class card is really minimum, but
  it can produce rendering bugs. GeForce3-class
  card or better is strongly suggested.

- Some rendering bugs can also show up on
  certain versions of drivers used with
  certain gfx cards. Newest drivers should
  work best.

- Good CPU/GFX card won't hurt.

* The VeCTRONiX team is:
 3dino          gfx
 Bionic         gfx
 CybeREX        gfx
 Dafunk         music
 KK             code, gfx
 Quickyman02    music, gfx
 Slash_AtD      music
 Slippy         org, gfx
 Unc            gfx
 wiCkeDz        gfx

We hope you have fun watching this intro.

Feel free to visit us:

Or you can drop me (KK) an email, if you wish: