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2005-08-09 23:40:27
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  • bass.dll 108.00K
  • bg.tga 1.37M
  • bg2.tga 1.37M
  • disco.mp3 3.72M
  • file_id.diz 157B
  • infofile.txt 831B
  • Kraep.exe 108.00K
  • s.ogg 9.76K
  • s1.tga 1.37M
  • s2.tga 1.37M
  • s3.tga 1.37M
  • s4.tga 1.37M
  • s5.tga 1.37M
  • s6.tga 1.37M
  • s7.tga 1.37M


for world domination at scene event 2005 democompo,
"Gabriella Diskoexpäriment MegaDemo 7005"
by jeenio, gargaj, rup & ps
The Magnificent International Association
Of Extremely Retarded Idiots Corp. GmbH ry Interactive Studios

we would like to say thank you to all our families, sisters,
boyfriends and south korean horse sucking hookers for all
the patience, inspiration and moral support they provided
us during the whole 10 hours it took us to make this fine
piece of modern art filled with extremely manly code and
other similar inspiring values.

greetings to accession only and Madeleine de Bruijn / LIMP NINJA
fuckings to lamers
hallowas to fairlight

..and dont forget to come to inerciaDemoparty2005

ps: ile sux for not coming to demozone!!1 fsss ffss i here (oys).