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Released by Digital Nerds at
     Scene Event 2005

To run the demo, open index.html in
your preferred browser. 

Please notice that you browser should 
be Java enabled.

For an optimal demo experience, we
recommend you run the 2x2 version
with sound, using the latest JRE
plugin from Sun (currently v 1.5.0+).

To tweak out some extra performance,
you can change your display to 16 bit.

Have fun!Note to compo crew:

Our demo is a java demo. It's a remake of 7 classic Triangle demo
screens. For optimal viewing experience please do the followig:

1. Please use the latest Java plugin from Sun (1.5.0+).(Any will do though)
2. Change the screen resolution to 640x480 with 16bit color depth.
3. Please show each screen for about 40 seconds or so. Press space to
   change to the next screen. 
Note that you may have to click the mouse inside the demo applet, to 
give it key focus (so you can use space to change between parts).

Thank you in advance,

Digital Nerds!