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----- GIGERTRON - a tracked musicdisk for psp 

-- credits
Lead code


-Soul D


Last Minute PBP Icon hacking and pre-load background

We hope you enjoy this music disk. If you don't have a psp and kxploit or something similar, you can just get modplug or whatever to listen to the tracks, and look at the screenshot. Just imagine the spikeyball rotating and you'll be fine. 

As an added bonus, we've got the entire source for the script visible - it's all in lua script, which gets loaded and run by luaplayer. This would be a really good place to greet the guy who coded luaplayer, but I -totally- forget what his name is. :/ Anyway, go to and check it out, the guy did the psp homebrew scene a great favor. 

Well, I have to submit this thing so that you can all listen to it, and so that we can get entered ^_^. Love to all sceners worldwide. <-Guybrush at Pilgrimage, 2005

(+[ ].'.) -- PSP forever