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                       Trailer Park Demos

    Dilvie and Troll

I coded this demo up in about a month for the Pilgrimage 2005
demo compo. It won 2nd place, so I'm happy. The down-scrolling
design is what I originally planned for Rivulet, but it didn't
work so well in textmode. I'm happy that I was able to use the
idea in this demo, since the results are pretty nice.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any music for the production by
the time I arrived at Pilgrimage. When I mentioned the problem
to Dilve at the party place, he immediately volunteered to make
something. Troll joined him a little later on in the day, and
together they made an impressive soundtrack.

On the technical side, the demo uses DirectX 9.0b and requires
two texture stages. The demo should work on TNT2-style hardware,
but it needs lots of fillrate to run at a decent speed.

There is one known bug on certain nVidia hardware where the water
surface randomly binks in and out. I've gone over my code a dozen
times looking for problems in that area, but don't see anything.
If you get the bug, sorry. I'm guessing it's a driver issue.

I hope you enjoy the demo. Greetz to all North American sceners.