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Keyboarders 2005

(I am the) Superior Male

Now for some misspelled fun talk. 
This demo waS made by Quisten and Ponas, 
or Ebbe Smith and Jonas Stenseth as we were
named by our parents. 

I (Quisten) am now sitting in the hall of kindergarden 05,
where we plan to release this demo. This has been a rather
fast production, and it's nice to be on the keys on the read_me
file, after deciding that the prod was okayish enough to release.

It's actually weird to release anything, after breakpoint05 i got 
so excausted that i had big troubles to get down to make another 
demo. But i did, hurray for me. 

I have to thank a few nice people, 
thanks to Menace who let me sleep on his 
couch, yesterday. 
Thanks to Vamecum of boozing kupos who borrowed me
his earplugs, which were an important piece of hardware
making this demo. 
Thanks to the darklite boys who are now leeching power in to
my cell. 

Im getting kinda tired of writing this file now. 
Good bye. 

Quisten 12.11.2005 17:00