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2005-10-09 23:52:21
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	uh, it's a bit too wide, i hope dip will not take it to heart very much

	Rob Is Jarig 64k

	a DYRC production

	code                    : 48k9dIfK1Onwr2A1SuBx1rAv+dk=
	sound module crunching  : 48k9dIfK1Onwr2A1SuBx1rAv+dk=
	minifmod enhancements   : NNcz8lVrl39l9gQifIOhKEpspwc=
	packer                  : ryg/farbrausch

	executable videoplayer compo


	function | 05 /// 2005oct7-9 budapest hungary ]]]===-- | }}}--::///]]===

	hold left CTRL while starting the application to run in windowed mode

	if you are a sick dutch fuck you must dance during the intro show
	also, feel free to enter this prod wherever you like