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2005-08-31 23:53:58
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  • 001 SCARY_UC.$C 18.77K
  • 002 SCARY_C.$C 4.02K
  • file_id.diz 458B
  • scary_sheep.tap 3.85K
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Full name/Nick name: Gasman
Group: Hooy Program / AY Riders
Competition: ZX Spectrum AY-Music
Requirements/Platforme: ZX Spectrum
Full title of entry: Scary Sheep (With Pointed Teeth)
Duration: 1:52
How to contact you:
	Written in Soundtracker v1.1; init@49152, play@49158
	Files: scary_sheep.tap = compiled module
		scary_sheep_uc.tap = uncompiled module
		scary_sheep.scl = contains SCARY_UC.C (uncompiled) and SCARY_C.C (compiled)