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  • slut/ dir
  • slut/demo.txt 439B
  • slut/fmod.dll 157.50K
  • slut/images/ dir
  • slut/images/ofsettwing.bmp 768.05K
  • slut/images/particle.bmp 3.05K
  • slut/images/press.bmp 768.05K
  • slut/images/slut.bmp 768.05K
  • slut/InteRatt.exe 108.00K
  • slut/music.mp3 2.79M
  • slut/ofsettwing_tex.obj 48.75K


Holy not quite so proudly (but in a bit of a hurry) presents:

Inte R├Ątt

Code by Zlazher and Qaz.
Graphics by Qaz.

Musik given by Teetow (Thanks!).

Greets to Matricks and Teetow in Candela, and everybody else at Birdie 15.

No time for any fancy scrollers. Not even time to finish the only scene we had time to even start with. :). Bah. Anyway, got to start somewhere. Now its time to stop booring you to death, bye :D.