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Screenshot (by pouë



  Origami       -       Entry for 64k introcompo at Assembly 2005

Graphics code and intro structure:      Trilkk (Tatu Kilappa) <>
Software synthesizer and music:         Juippi (Juho Heikkinen)
Folding effect, fractal code and misc:  Warma (Vantte Kilappa)

Greets in the intro.

Proved to work with a ~1500Mhz Athlon with a GeForce3. Your mileage may vary.
If this package contained no source code, there should be another that does.
Failing that, you can contact the authors.
  The intro compiles on all major platforms including Windows, Linux and
FreeBSD. There are some endianness bugs, that cause loss of sound and
introduce some glitches on big-endian machines such as... anything besides x86
and alpha.
  The precalc time _is_ humongous. Please wait.

Thank you.


Voi "&%#WY"%¤Y"W%¤W%¤5we4y kun meni taas tiukalle. 7min deadlineen (ja pitihän
sitä paikata myöhemmin).

-- Aftermath --

I made a lot of fixes after the event. Now Origami actually works on multiple
platforms. Since a few people complained about having to wait quite a while
staring a black screen, I added a loader screen that shows the precalculation
  Please note, that although the distribution package contains a whole lot of
binaries, it does not contain the original party version (28646 bytes). That
can be obtained by downloading the developement package and looking inside the
  From all the Unix binaries included only the 'final' (29333 bytes) fits
inside the 64k barrier. All the other files are speed-optimized for their
respective architectures, probably imbued with front-ends. Thus, they might be
of any size.
  For some additional credits, the Windows front-end is done by vv, OSX
front-end by TheFlash, GTK front-end is mine and the SDL front-end (that is
not enabled in any of the binaries included here) is by Warma. Icons and
banner are done by RmM.

If this is a dev-package, the rel/ folder contains all the following files,
otherwise they're in the same folder as this file:

  README ................ This file.
  msvcr71.dll ........... Dynamically linked library required for multi-
                          threaded dll binaries, cannot be avoided with SDL.
                          Thus, included here as everyone might not have it.
  origami_16x16.png ..... Small icon.
  origami_32x32.png ..... Larger icon.
  origami_banner.png .... The banner displayed in the front-ends.
  origami_final ......... (pentium3-linux) Bugfixed, packed & size-optimized
                          Linux binary with a preloader screen (that was not
                          in the original). Slightly larger than the compo
                          version. All the binaries claim their size according
                          to this file, sorry.
  origami.dmg ........... (g4, g5) Disk image containing MacOS/X binaries,
                          compiled by TheFlash.
  origami.exe ........... (pentium3) UPX-packed Windows-binary, compiled by
  origami-amd64-linux ... (k8) Compiled by Juippi.
  origami-ia32-freebsd .. (pentiumpro)
  origami-ia32-linux .... (pentium3)
  origami-ppc32-linux ... (g4)
  origami-ppc64-linux ... (g5)

There's also some files you might want to take a look in the main folder
(only included in the dev package).

  src_compo.tar.bz2 ..... The binaries and sources for the original compo

If you want to make an Origami just for your machine, it uses autoconf and
should pose no problems.

-- Addennum --

Säädin jotaan enkä jaksa päivittää tätä enää.