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              Flight 666				
            (party version)
	      By Loonies

       Released at Assembly 2005


- This is made and tested for the compo hardware (X800Pro/6800GT) and seems to work
  fine on 9600/X700/X800/6600/6800. Does not work on less than R9500/GF5200. The R9600
  has been showing some problems of clearing the base texture making everything look a bit too clean,
  but it *seems* fixed/avoided in this version.

- Latest graphics drivers are REQUIRED. That is Catalyst 5.7 and ForceWare 77.72

- A more compatible version will come later. Check at

- The name is in line with our The Party '95 amiga intro "Spor 2 Blaa Trappe" (track 2 blue stairway (on the ferry)), ie.
  just an important point to remember on the way to the partyplace.