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che guevara by fairlight
pc64k at assembly2005

requires a handsome gfx card with ps2.0, floating point rendertargets, and a manly cpu.

smash		: code, tools, gfx, design
kustaa		: character animation and modelling, gfx, textures
reed		: original musical score, yes
aln			: concept art

special thanks to:
maali		: some gfx that wasnt used
oyiseer		: some gfx and design help
noogz		: muchos pc rental and booze rental at the party, we paid him in furry pornography
meteorik	: pc rental at the party, we paid him in young virgins
truck		: is jarig. we paid him in his own vomit
ryg/fr		: kkrunchy. we didnt pay him.

we bring the booze, you bring some schmokes and some pancakes, and we have a party.

mailto :

greets to elites, fuckings to lamers. (as usual.)