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               Another day of Lil Drolley
                   (Donkey Hot Blues)

   This one is supposed to be final version, though it's not
   what we wanted it to be.

--== Requirements ==--

- DirecX 8.1 (4xAA recommended)
- GeForce2 MX class videocard (32 MB on board)
- 256 MB RAM
- mediocre CPU
- any sound card
- a lot of free time and patience during precalculations

Development machine config:
Driver version -

--== A couple of cheap advices for those of you  ==--
     with feverish red eyes and trembling hands

1. Never read executable map files before/instead of going to bed.
2. Never harbor an illusion of possibility to get everything you
   want out of 3rd party commercial tools.
3. And NEVER, listen to me, NEVER try to WORK at home!
4. Never pay heed to cheap advices (I mean it).

--== Contacts ==--


- kraviz : deniskravtsoff(at)mail(dot)ru
- Peregrinius : peregrinius(at)yandex(dot)ru


 NAQ (Never Asked Questions).

  1. Is the character concerned with some of the authors?

     Answer: NO.

  2. Are you melancholics?

     Answer: NO.

  3. Have you got a driver's license?

     Answer: NO.

  4. Have you grown up?

     Answer: NO.

  5. Is it an antiurbanistic existential irony in neoaesopian
     language projected onto modern society?

     Answer: NO.

  6. NO?

     Answer: NO.