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  • rezurrection/bin/loader.p 159B
  • rezurrection/bin/part1.p 505B
  • rezurrection/bin/part1.wav 130.24K
  • rezurrection/bin/part2.p 844B
  • rezurrection/bin/part2.wav 86.18K
  • rezurrection/bin/part3.p 832B
  • rezurrection/bin/part3.wav 86.18K
  • rezurrection/bin/part4.p 693B
  • rezurrection/bin/part4.wav 86.18K
  • rezurrection/bin/part5.p 956B
  • rezurrection/bin/part5.wav 86.18K
  • rezurrection/bin/zxfer.exe 44.00K
  • rezurrection/cdx81.exe 92.00K
  • rezurrection/cdx81/cbops.c 5.60K
  • rezurrection/cdx81/cdx81.rc 1.58K
  • rezurrection/cdx81/cdx81.sln 899B
  • rezurrection/cdx81/cdx81.vcproj 5.19K
  • rezurrection/cdx81/edops.c 8.83K
  • rezurrection/cdx81/gpl.txt 17.92K
  • rezurrection/cdx81/main.cpp 7.03K
  • rezurrection/cdx81/resource.h 538B
  • rezurrection/cdx81/z80.cpp 8.89K
  • rezurrection/cdx81/z80.h 2.81K
  • rezurrection/cdx81/z80ops.c 19.90K
  • rezurrection/cdx81/ZX80.rom 4.00K
  • rezurrection/cdx81/ZX81.rom 8.00K
  • rezurrection/part1.wav 130.24K
  • rezurrection/part2.wav 86.18K
  • rezurrection/part3.wav 86.18K
  • rezurrection/part4.wav 86.18K
  • rezurrection/part5.wav 86.18K
  • rezurrection/readme.txt 891B
  • rezurrection/source/A22I.COM 7.49K
  • rezurrection/source/fbmp.a22 7.05K
  • rezurrection/source/fcopper.a22 9.16K
  • rezurrection/source/focta.a22 8.46K
  • rezurrection/source/fscroll.a22 5.53K
  • rezurrection/source/fsky.a22 10.22K
  • rezurrection/source/loader.a22 3.27K
  • rezurrection/source/mktest.bat 310B
  • rezurrection/source/mkzx81.bat 109B


Rezurrection - The Calodox ZX81 Intro
Copyright (c) 2003 Sebastian Gerlach (Minas)

Code:           Minas
Graphics:        Fred

This is the partyversion of Rezurrection - the Calodox ZX81 intro. It is 
delivered complete 
with audiofiles for ZX81, an emulator, full source code 
for the emulator and 
the intro. A slightly more final version will probably 
be released some day since we are currently busy on a PC 4k, and thus the 
ZX81 intro source code is still missing some comments. The intro, though, 
is final.
If you wish to run it on a real ZX81, you must remove your rampack if you
have one. It will only run with 1k of memory. The speedloader will probably
not work if the audio is mastered onto a tape, a CD audio is a better idea.
The emulator is distributed under the GPL, since it is based on other pieces 
of GPL code, in particular the Z80 core.

Have Fun!