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Screenshot (by pouë



The Lab Demos - Eternal (party version)
A GPL'ed free demo for GNU/Linux

          code: Nuclear
           gfx: Rawnoise
additional gfx: Cybernoid
         music: Amigo
  sound system: Savvy

if you want/need to recompile the demo, you will need my 3d math lib
which is included in src/n3dmath-2.1.0.tar.gz (uses autoconf/automake,
see readme for instructions) however you must make sure that in
config.h there is a #define SINGLE_PRECISION_MATH otherwise the demo will
not link properly and *will* crash.
Other than that, make and run :)
I'll fix that bother in the final version, so be sure to check back to our
website for it in a few weeks (or so).