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Evoke 2004: Eclipse


- Its compressed without ordinal importing. (Everbody who needs to use this feature is a pussy) 
- Compoversion is optimized for Windows XP.
- Better rendering quality could be archived with an nVidia Adapter.
- you can shorten the 4k's estaminted running time with ESC. 
- Try to KILL the APPLICATION after it ends with CTRL+C. 
- the intro doesnt end by itself cause of some wiered problem with the "Windows Multimedia System". 
- This piece of so called art was done in ~6 weeks with about 6-8 hours a day..


Matthias "Tales" Markowski -

Greetings in rand() order

geno, ToXiC, slc, Finn, sash, ebl


Farbrausch, Kewlers, AND, Cocoon, Moppi, tpolm
Razor1911, paniq, vic