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       evoke 2oo4 pixel graphics


       h e l g a   d o u b l e   d

       dresden(dd)+cologne in august 2oo4
       + 320x240, 8bpp (65 colors)

       + pixeled in deluxe paint IIe
         and grafX2 from with paper-/

       + heavily unfinished due to loss
         of mouse at macdonalds =>

       + "muetzenlui"-pic as bonus
    \\ tips+tricks => 

       i've prepared a special 1024x768
       (300% zoomed) bigscreen version, 
       you might show that one

       for those using irfanview i recommend 
       switching on "fit images to desktop 
       height" in "view" -> "display options"

       those using acdsee classic better
       switch on "fit image too screen" in 
       "tools" -> "options" -> "viewer"
       or simply start grafX2 
       -> 320x240 resolution -> <F10> to unhide menubar

    \\ contact :