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fr-minus-07: cargo cult

after a far too long period of serious releases, here we go again!

extremely sensible and thoughtful lyrics by kb.
some images by cp.
extremely 1337 text photoshopping aswell as compilation services and
effect coding also kindly provided by kaptain b!
original "concept" and "effect" code by ryg.
music by "klaus kerner", who is definitely completely unrelated to
rp. promise!

completely made without any tool! except visual studio. haha!

oh, and it is framerate dependent, AND (of course) needs pixelshader
hardware (geforce 3 up) even though it absolutely makes no use of it.
it was extensively tested on two machines with identical hardware.

have no fun!

"change the colors, it isn't ugly enough!"
"i want to contribute to this and you won't let me!" - "yeah, your stuff is too good."

- farbrausch at evoke 2004
  a 5.5 hours production!
  (comes with complete sourcecode to all the ugly effects!)