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The 5th Datahelg meeting at Vodka’s place in Västerås took place this weekend, with about 20 attenders or so, among them two kangaroo jockeys from Oz, lots of Fairlighters and other weirdos. The meeting was a great success until people started disappearing during Saturday night. But before that happened, the compos took place. Here are the results:

C-64 Demo compo
1. Plotkiform by Hujowa

C-64 Music and Graphics Collection compo
1. Göttart by Fairlight

C-64 Graphics compo
1. Oxidy
2. Cyborg
3. Wanker

C-64 Music compo
1. Hein
2. Ne7
3. Maktone
3. Goto80
5. GH
6. Dalezy
7. Puterman

Wanking compo
1. Oxidy
2. Vodka

Boxing tournament
1. Hollowman, Vengeance and Puterman